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Dekpor School Development Organisation

Raise money for Dekpor School Development Organisation

DSDO is dedicated to improving the lives of extremely needy children in rural Ghana, West Africa. We are passionate volunteers who work hard to get things done. Our website and Facebook page tell the story.

All of the funds raised go directly to Dekpor to support the incredible work we’ve been doing to further our education and health-based initiatives. 

Thank you for helping us make a difference!


Thank you so much for your donation!  You have just done something rather wonderful to help children in rural Ghana!

100% of your donation will go to Dekpor!  

The funds raised at the STWM cover  the food programme  which, in the past school year, provided breakfast and lunch every school day for 150 of the 1000 students enrolled at Dekpor Basic School. It also allows us to keep money in the emergency medical fund (we KNOW we've saved lives!) and it  covers the wages for our tutors, librarians, and classroom assistants!

Please follow our accomplishments on our website or  Facebook because we really want you to see the impact YOU help create!

We're so grateful for your support!

Fuelled by gratitude,

Carol Sheardown

Dekpor School Development Organisation
We're making a difference!


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Recent donors

Recent donors
Date Name Amount
Jul 11 Sheri Skelcher Good luck JD! $25.00
Jul 11 Charlotte McAlister You can do it, JD!! $25.00
Jul 10 Anonymous $25.00
Jul 10 Hosie & Jeroo Mancherjee Congratulations Miles for supporting a good cause! $25.00
Jul 10 Sheryl Thomas I love helping these kids to so I'm going to support your run:0) you are a very special, caring person JD. Thank you for helping these kids $100.00
Jul 10 Stefanie Donly This is very inspiring! Well done JD!! :) $25.00
Jul 10 Maki Trumble Way to go. 0.621 MILES $25.00
Jul 09 Anonymous Such a noble work Miles, Very proud of you. $50.00
Jul 09 Pat Wainwright $25.00
Jul 09 Lisa Decimelli Way to go JD! $25.00