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Greek Community of Toronto

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The Greek Community of Toronto is a non-profit charitable organization founded in 1909 and representing over 150,000 Canadians of Greek origin in the Greater Toronto area. The Community and its members share a common desire to serve and promote the organization's goals. They are committed to providing an environment for Greek culture and the flourishing of the Greek heritage, thus enriching the social and cultural fabric of Canada.


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Recent donors

Recent donors
Date Name Amount
Oct 20 Tassos Mastorakos $100.00
Oct 20 Nikolas Papaioannou $50.00
Oct 19 Anonymous $25.00
Oct 19 Sotiris and Popi Kazolis $100.00
Oct 19 Achilleas Antoniades All the best in saving the Greek Community of Toronto. $100.00
Oct 19 Nikos Patsiatzis $100.00
Oct 19 JOHN MISTHIOS $100.00
Oct 19 Polydor Foundation "Good actions give strength to ourselves and inspire good actions in others"...Plato $5,000.00
Oct 19 Theodoros Rallis $2,000.00
Oct 19 Chryss and John Mylopoulos Να ζησεις προεδρε και να εισαι παντα καλα! $500.00