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Houses Opening Today Toronto (HOTT)

Raise money for Houses Opening Today Toronto (HOTT)

HOTT is committed to developing and maintaining quality, affordable housing while providing supports to meet the diverse needs of the individuals and families that we serve. HOTT’s model is founded on respect, relationship building, and a desire to meet the challenges of providing quality, affordable housing. HOTT is a responsible and ambitious organization, rising to the needs of our community through meaningful and reliable support programs. Please help us sustain our mission by donating today.



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Recent donors

Recent donors
Date Name Amount
Oct 30 Anonymous Glad to help Lisa - DW $500.00
Oct 28 Bronson $400.00
Oct 26 Tara Macpherson Sorry to be late to the party on this, amazing HOTT team! I'm sorry I couldn't join this year but next year I will be with you as well. $100.00
Oct 24 Monica, Shane & Finn $100.00
Oct 24 Benny $150.00
Oct 22 Ryan Stott Great cause and work, Dianne. $100.00
Oct 19 Bosnar Health $250.00
Oct 19 Anonymous $250.00
Oct 19 Karen Trenton $100.00
Oct 19 Brad Bradford $250.00