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For participating in 2021 Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon

My Story…


This summer our small trapping team has focused efforts in our own neighbourhood of Rogers and Silverthorn. This community has an overwhelming stray/feral cat population, which has been expanding rapidly.. We have honed in on three local colonies, TNRing (Trap, Neuter, Return) over 15 adults, rescuing more than 16 kittens and three adults with medical needs. These numbers are increasing as we continue to tackle the problem of cat overpopulation in our area.

Annex Cat Rescue (ACR) has been instrumental in our efforts to get this crisis under control by taking on the bulk of foster cases from these ongoing projects so we could free up our space for recovery and release of the many cats we are TNRing. We are forever grateful to ACR for their dedication to street cats and kittens.


Dweezil is just one example of a cat we rescued this summer through ACR and it couldn’t have come at a better time. During his neuter at Toronto Humane Society, the vet provided fluids noting severe dehydration and diarrhea (a deadly combination for a street cat). We were told to monitor him closely during his recovery and soon after his surgery Dweezil showed us his appreciation by walking out of his crate to give a head-bump and accept pets all while purring. ACR has since provided him with a much needed dental along with a full work-up since he was quite malnourished and under-weight. Dweezil is currently thriving in his ACR foster home, happy and healthy!

Listed below are just a few examples in which Annex Cat Rescue has provided us tremendous support. Annex Cat Rescue fully depends on public donations to cover the exorbitant medical costs required to rescue Toronto’s most vulnerable street cats. 


Peeta is a senior boy who lived most of his life in a well managed colony. One morning his caretaker noticed Peeta was suddenly in distress and blind. Peeta was diagnosed with hypertension causing damage to the retinas of his eyes. Fortunately, his blood pressure has been stabilized with daily medication and his vision has since improved. Peeta has been diagnosed with early stage renal disease, had dental surgery and is currently lounging about in his loving ACR foster home. 


Bobo belonged to an unmanaged backyard colony, where he slept on his feeder's back step. As a kitten, Bobo developed a brutal eye infection and since left untreated, his eye ruptured. Annex Cat Rescue trappers were alerted to the situation and once trapped he was brought into our care. While in foster Bobo received treatment for an intense bacterial infection, which he has since recovered from. Bobo remains shy but is learning to trust people, embracing cheek rubs while purring away. 


Mama Jan was found late stage pregnant with 4 of her pregnant sisters. Less than a year old, a kitten herself, Jan gave birth to 5 healthy babies (Maggie, Lisa, Jimbo, Edna and Troy) only a few days after being rescued. Jan was an attentive and loving mama, and her babies have since been adopted. Jan is now with a socialization foster where she is developing her confidence and embracing lap cuddles prior to finding her forever home. 


Jimmy was a street cat who found his way to a well-managed colony with a severe leg limp. After medical examination, it was determined that Jimmy was likely hit by a car, and now has a poorly healed broken knee and hip, and arthritis. Despite his injuries, Jimmy ambulates well and it doesn’t prevent him from exploring. Jimmy is still working with a socialization foster as he learns to trust people. 


A worried community member reached out to Annex Cat Rescue’s Feral Stray Help Line when he noticed a colony of young cats living outside the factory where he works. The kind man trapped the family of 6 (5 teen kittens and mama), they were brought into ACR’s care and have since found their forever homes. 


Kozy was TNR’d (Trap, Neuter, Return) by our small team a couple of summers ago. Recently, he arrived at his colony with a deep chest wound abscess. After being re-trapped, Annex Cat Rescue kindly brought Kozy into their care, where he also received dental surgery. Kozy is FIV positive and was recently adopted by his loving foster dad. 


Steve, a senior boy, was abandoned at a construction site. Thankfully, he was found by a concerned community member who carried him home and reached out to Annex Cat Rescue’s Feral Stray Helpline for assistance. Steve remains in his loving foster home, while his medical needs are attended to. 


Annex Cat Rescue is dedicated to eliminating cat homelessness in Toronto. Until that time, we care for cats and kittens in a variety of ways including (but not limited to) daily feeding and colony management, medical/dental care, socializing, fostering, adopting or in the case of feral cats, spaying/neutering and returning (TNR). Now in its 24th year, ACR remains 100% volunteer-run with 90% of monies raised helping cats in partnership with veterinarians who provide services at reduced rates.

We have a no-kill policy so cats remain in foster care until a permanent home is found.

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Sep 11 Anonymous Thank you for doing very important work. :) I hope you reach your goal! Undisclosed amount
Sep 10 Janine Conway I admire the work that you do. Hoping you exceed your fundraising goal! $50.00
Sep 07 David Thanks for helping Steve!! Glad he's doing well!!! $25.00
Sep 07 Irene Kleban Lizzy and Peter, I will be forever grateful for you saving the life of Felix/ Mikey. Keep up the phenomenal work! You are both true heroes! $250.00
Sep 07 Sky Lamothe Thank you for all the work you do. You are amazing! $50.00
Sep 06 Linda Neumayer Thank you Lizzy for your help and support. $50.00
Sep 06 Amy Gibson Thank you for helping street cats $50.00
Sep 06 Donald Gibson For the fab four trapping team $25.00
Sep 06 Sandra Meret Thanks Brenda, Don, Lizzie, Peter, Natalie $25.00