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You Are Not Alone

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YANA (You Are Not Alone) is a registered charity available to Comox Valley families who need to travel for the medical care of a child under 19 or a pregnant mother. YANA offers accommodation and provides funding to help with expenses while families are away from home.

YANA was founded in 1986 by Sandra Williams after the financial and emotional devastation resulting from her daughter’s diagnosis of congenital heart failure and lengthy medical treatment in Vancouver. Sandra and her family committed to building an organization that ensured Comox Valley families would have the support of their community during these stressful circumstances.

YANA is proud to be the steward of Sandra’s legacy and assists with almost 400-500 medical trips each year, reaching hundreds of children and families.

Every dollar raised in the community goes to help provide financial support and accommodation to Comox Valley families who need to travel to access medical care for a child or pregnant mother.   

$50 = 1 night stay at a YANA apartment in Vancouver near BC Children’s Hospital

$100 = 1 night stay near Nanaimo Hospital

$200 = YANA envelope of cash for family’s emergency hospital transfer

$400 = 2 weeks stay at Jeneece Place in Victoria

$1000 = 1 month travel expense funding for a family away from home

Thank you for your donation in support of Comox Valley families.


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Team McQueen

Raised: $7,989.70

Broken, Battered and Brews-ed

Raised: $3,778.00

Bikers by the Bay

Raised: $2,626.65

R.M.M.C Dream Team

Raised: $2,333.89

Team Petersen

Raised: $2,062.71

Courtenay Fire Department

Raised: $1,744.90

Da Wheel Women

Raised: $1,536.57

Denman Peleton

Raised: $1,412.62

Grove Health & Wellness

Raised: $1,175.92


Raised: $1,104.57

Magically Bikelicious

Raised: $1,005.67

Strathcona Sunrisers

Raised: $835.45

Medicine Shoppe Comox LifeCyclers

Raised: $595.42

Ale Blazers

Raised: $523.59

Saigeon Family

Raised: $345.00

Across Canada Team

Raised: $316.30

Crafty B. Itches

Raised: $313.71

Cranked Girls

Raised: $241.51

Kye Bay Cumby Combo

Raised: $209.88

Team Taylor21

Raised: $209.14


Raised: $209.14

Golden Grahams

Raised: $198.78

Eagle Crew

Raised: $177.20


Raised: $157.41

Cycling Addicts Anonymous

Raised: $157.41

We are Friends

Raised: $125.78

Team Ginger Squared

Raised: $104.94


Raised: $104.57


Raised: $90.05

Pedal pushers

Raised: $52.84

Team Razzle Dazzle

Raised: $52.47

Ceridwen Nutrition

Raised: $21.21

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Aug 02 Tina Pierik Way to go Jen!! You are inspirational!❤️ $52.47
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Aug 02 Kara Billsten $50.00
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