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Erica’s Wish Blanket Program

Raise money for Erica’s Wish Blanket Program

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The Erica's Wish Blanket program began in July 2010. We wanted to comfort the children in Oncology at SickKids Hospital by means of a blanket just as Erica was comforted by hers. We handed out over 75 blankets our first day to the children on the Oncology floor. 


Even though the race stopped, the blanket program has always been our main focus. Each month 30 blankets are delivered to the SickKids Oncology department.  Upon admission, our blankets are given to children to comfort them during their scariest time in life. Many times we have heard how the blanket has acted as their favourite stuffed toy they left at home or put a smile on their face when they were so unsure of why they were in the hospital. 


comforting kids with cancer, believe in a better tomorrow.

Recent donors

Recent donors
Date Name Amount
Aug 17 Carol Power Thanks for running John! CA$54.63
Aug 16 Ella Hodgson- Pageau CA$108.31
Aug 16 Grace Tesolin CA$54.63
Aug 15 Sampson’s CA$269.32
Aug 15 Anonymous CA$54.63
Aug 15 Joel Hazzan CA$27.80
Aug 15 Jon & Michelle CA$27.80
Aug 15 Marc Creamer CA$54.63
Aug 15 Alison D I’m enjoying watching you crush it this weekend at Ontario Championships! CA$108.31
Aug 14 The Tutty Family Thanks for all the you do Erica, you are awesome. CA$54.63