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My Story

Always excited for this time of year! Combining two great passions of mine- running and giving back:                        the Water Run! 💦 

Whether running with family and friends, or competing solo, all past 11 Water Runs have been rewarding and fun. Nothing beats running on the trails in autumn knowing you are making a difference to those in need. Something we take so for granted, but in dire need - clean water. Together we can make an impact. Please help me raise money so we can bring clean drinking water to the people in Turkana.


Proudly presented by Nehemiah Construction Ministries and the YMCA, The Water Run helps bring clean water to the Turkana People of Kenya. Your support helps us bring help to those who need it most. The Turkana people are an unreached, nomadic tribe living in the desert of northwestern Kenya. There are half a million people living in extreme conditions. They live in a dry and barren land with daytime temperatures reaching 50 degrees Celsius.

They lack food, water, medicine, and education. The women will walk up to 50 kms a day to carry 20 litres of contaminated water back for their families. The children exist on a diet of boiled maise flour and water, most of them eating only once every 2 days. 80% of all hospitalizations are due to waterborne diseases. Life expectancy is approximately 40 years. They call themselves the forgotten people...

But they are not forgotten. Together we are changing lives in Kenya! 

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