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Facial Pain Research Foundation

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Finding a cure for trigeminal neuralgia, the most painful disorder known to humans, is the mission of The Facial Pain Research Foundation. Its founders aim to also develop therapies to permanently stop other nerve-generated facial pains and diseases.

The Foundation is the brainchild of seven professionals across the United States, who are creating the first international force of scientists to work together to cure an ancient, but poorly understood disease. Finding a cure will restore pain-free life to millions of men, women and children around the world, who are stricken by repeated lightning-like shocks of facial pain, the hallmark of trigeminal neuralgia. A simple cool breeze across the face, a slight touch or even a kiss on the cheek can trigger shooting pains that drive victims to their knees and may last a lifetime.

Thank you for supporting this great organization and together we will beat this terrible disease!

Recent donors

Recent donors
Date Name Amount
Sep 21 The Chamberlin Family We support you Samantha!❤ $27.48
Sep 21 Lesniak Family Love you Sam! Undisclosed amount
Sep 21 Leahy Family $54.10
Sep 19 Anonymous $54.10
Sep 18 L Onate and K Abella We love you! Undisclosed amount
Sep 18 Maura Regan $107.35
Sep 15 Anonymous Samantha you have a trooper throgh all this. I pray there are some new options in the near future. Love YOU $107.35
Sep 15 Deborah Foley $27.48
Sep 15 Powell Family We walk beside you, Samantha, every step of the way!! All our love!! ♥️ Undisclosed amount
Sep 15 Roxanna Hauschild Love you Samantha. Undisclosed amount