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Shelby Farms Park Conservancy

Raise money for Shelby Farms Park Conservancy

Your support helps keep Shelby Farms Park clean, green + safe! Caring for a big park is a big job! It takes more than $5.2 million each year to keep Shelby Farms Park and Shelby Farms Greenline clean, green and safe. If you have visited Shelby Farms Park or Shelby Farms Greenline recently, you know just how special these public spaces are for our community! Keeping the Park and Greenline clean, green, open and operating is an increasingly big job, and we need your support to ensure that daily operations can continue without interruption in a time when our community needs them the most.  

Shelby Farms Park and Shelby Farms Greenline are vital community resources for health and wellness, and more visitors than ever before are utilizing these special spaces. Visitor numbers have tripled this year—a tangible reminder of how important access to nature and outdoor fitness is for our community! 

Recent donors

Recent donors
Date Name Amount
Nov 05 Lucy Hettinger $27.48
Nov 05 Alicia Triche $50.00
Nov 05 Julie Ganey Was looking for another friend in this race and saw your name; happy to donate to your campaign! $27.48
Nov 05 Jen Hawthorne Love the buffalos! $54.10
Nov 05 Anonymous Undisclosed amount
Nov 04 Jane Cox I love Shelby Farms Dog Park. $27.48
Nov 03 Anonymous $11.50
Nov 03 connor hawthorne Invest in things that make people happy, such as the park $27.48
Nov 03 Anonymous $50.00
Nov 03 Michael Moton $27.48