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Shelter is the first step. But often every resource is drained just paying first and last month's rent and utility deposits. It is very difficult to get up in the morning and look for work or go to school if you've been sleeping on the floor. Poverty is very isolating. But with a couch and coffee table and a lamp in the living room, children will invite their friends over to play. With a kitchen table and chairs a friend can be invited to share a meal and meaningful conversations may take place. A parent can cook a meal at home instead of going for fast food if there are pots and pans. We turn shelter into homes because no one deserves to sleep on the floor.

Niagara Furniture Bank uses a social enterprise to improve clients' housing quality and stability. Niagara Furniture Bank (NFB) collects gently used furniture from private homes and businesses for a fee and then delivers the furnishings to individuals and families who can access housing but cannot afford to furnish their homes. 

In 2019 the NFB was was able to assist 704 families and individuals improve their housing quality. During the NFM processes we are able to repurpose over 450,000 pounds of housewares that would end up in landfills.

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Recent donors
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Nov 08 Simone Koves CA$27.80
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Nov 05 Noah Mckenzie CA$25.00
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Nov 04 Kenneth J. Chaney CA$54.63
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Nov 03 Bryce MK Hudson CA$11.70