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Help Rafaella raise money

For participating in 2022 Sporting Life 10K

My Story

I've lost count of how many years I've been doing the run... and of course, you've all heard about how passionate I am for this wonderful cause. But, bear with me....


Last year, Camp Ooch merged with another camp for kids with cancer called "Camp Trillium" - to even FURTHER extend their reach to kids with or affected by childhood cancer across Ontario (and Canada!) 


With this new acquisition, they've rebranded as Campfire Circle - however, the magic of Ooch remains. COVID threw them for a loop, as it did us all.... A lot of programming went from being in person, to being "virtual" - as these kids are amongst what we have been calling our "vulnerable populations". This year, they're excited to bring back their full-time IN PERSON programming. And, like many of us, these kids need this incredible social interaction NOW MORE THAN EVER! They need to meet other kids who know what they are going through or have been through... they need to make friends... they need to simply BE KIDS! Campfire Circle allows them to do that.


This is where we need your support! Any little bit helps. I know this is a difficult time to be asking for monetary donations (gas prices! food prices! everything prices!), but any little bit helps.


Think of me, waddling my way down Yonge Street on Sunday, May 8th - 8 months pregnant!  I'll be walking because I know how life-changing this organization is to these kids. I'll be walking because as a mother, I pray my own kids never need an organization like Campfire Circle. I'll be walking because I CAN.


Thank you for hearing me out and for considering a donation today. 


Childhood cancer changes lives. So does camp. And so can you.

A diagnosis of childhood cancer changes life in an instant. For kids and families, it can suddenly feel like everything is about cancer. Simple childhood joys like friendships, birthday parties, or sports teams being left behind in the need for medical appointments, hospital stays, and long absences from school. 


Whether it’s in a hospital setting, in the community, online or at overnight camp, CAMPFIRE CIRCLE* fills the void, creating safe spaces for kids to be kids, so families can be families, at no cost to them.


It’s where curiosity and confidence, bravery and acceptance come to play, and healing through happiness is on the agenda, every day, and in every way! Kids and families are never alone, because there’s always room for one more in the circle.


Your support of Sporting Life 10K ensures that CAMPFIRE CIRCLE’S programs continue to reach 1,700 kids and their families every year. Your gift will make life-changing experiences possible.

*Did you know that Camp Ooch & Camp Trillium merged in 2020, and that we have a new name? Announcing … CAMPFIRE CIRCLE! We aren’t changing what we do—we're just changing our name.


Recent donors

Donation date Donor name Donation amount
Mar 10 Pronto Reproductions $215.26
Mar 09 Frank Mauro $268.93
Mar 09 Toni Clark $161.58
Mar 09 Anonymous 🤗 $161.58
Mar 09 Rosemary Mauro I hope that May 8th is a gorgeous sunny day for your walk 💖 $107.91
Mar 09 Fidani Family. good luck! $320.34
Feb 25 Anonymous Undisclosed amount