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Help Lauren raise money

For participating in Homeboy 5K Run/Walk

My Story…

Hello Friends! 

Every year since 2014, the SPN and Futurama fandoms have generously helped our team become the #1 or 2 top fundraising team of Homeboy's 5k! For this, we are deeply grateful.

If you believe in second chances, or as the founder of Homeboy says, 'you are not the worst thing you have ever done' then please donate to, or join our team. The transformations that occur at Homeboy--where hope has an address-- are truly miraculous to behold. 

Thanks in advance for considering this incredible organization.




The Futurama posters and the Kids next door artwork are all gone now, but please check out my other listing!

I'm excited to offer up 3 rare posters signed by the cast of Futurama.  There are 10 signatures on each poster: Katie Sagal, John Dimaggio, Billy West, Maurice LaMarche, Tress Macneille, Phil Lamar, Lauren Tom, David Herman, David X. Cohen, and Dawn Lewis.

The first 3 people to donate $600 or more to this fundraising page will win a Futurama poster. I will be provided with your email address after your donation posts, and then I will reach out to you for your address so I can mail it to you!

Next I am offering an original signed drawing of Number 3 by the creator of Codename: Kids Next Door, Tom Warburton! The piece, which is drawn on a lunchbag, (and includes a rainbow monkey!) is signed by Tom Warburton and Lauren Tom. The first person to donate $375 to this page will win this original drawing including a photo of Tom and me holding the artwork!

Lastly, I have 1 poster of Dragons: The Nine Realms signed by Ashley Liao, (Jun) Al Rodrigo (Ford) Haley Joel Osment (Buzzsaw), Lauren Tom (May), and John Tellegen (Show runner and executive producer). The first person to donate $100 to this fundraising page will win the Dragons poster.

I am hoping these special posters all go to a good home, and please know that you are donating to a great cause with 100% of the money going to Homeboy Industries, and you will be able to use your donation as a tax write off! 

Please notate which poster you want in the comment section and be sure to read all the comments to make sure I still have one available as I only have 3 Futurama, 1 Dragon, and 1 Kids Next Door.  Or you can reach out to me on Twitter or DM me on Instagram to make sure I still have the one you want.  I am laurentom9000 on both.

I've almost reached my goal of raising $5000, and if I sell all the posters I will make it. Thanks in advance for helping me! xoxo




Donate to help Lauren raise money for Homeboy 5K Run/Walk’s fundraising campaign.

Recent donors

Donation date Donor name Donation amount
Sep 07 Tom Louis Everyone deserves a second chance. $639.85
Aug 11 Steve and Julie Hague Keep up the great work Lauren! $1,065.85
Aug 09 Claudia Love supporting Lauren’s yearly efforts for this most worthwhile organization, Homeboy! Undisclosed amount
Aug 08 Nancy & David Arntzen Lauren, we are happy to support your efforts to help others create a life to be proud of and a future to look forward to living. $107.35
Aug 07 Anonymous Good luck on the race Lauren! $160.60
Aug 06 Anonymous Good luck Lauren! Xo Undisclosed amount
Aug 06 Vesna In honor of all you do! $54.10
Aug 05 Jeff Calof Go Lauren and Team Futurama/SPN! $107.35
Aug 05 Karen A. Go Lauren! $20.00
Aug 04 Amanda Grimaldi Happy Birthday, Lauren!! $10.00