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Help Rob raise money

For participating in The Goggins Challenge in support of ABLE2

My Story…

I'm running the Goggins 4X4X48 Challenge in memory of my dear friend Ted Lamarche and to support an organization I am so passionate about ABLE2.  

Running almost 2 marathons in two days is a challenge, doing in on virtually no sleep ....even more so.  But my goal is to inspire those that have inspired me.  My dear friends Ted and Fred have also faced adversity and challenge in their lives, and have demonstrated an incredible ability to overcome those challenges.  

I sincerely thank you for your support of this adventure and challenge, and for your support of ABLE2

Donate to help Rob raise money for The Goggins Challenge in support of ABLE2’s fundraising campaign.

Recent donors

Donation date Donor name Donation amount
Feb 28 Mitch & Evelyn Poirier Good luck Rob. We will be thinking of you. CA$54.63
Feb 28 Lynne Mackay Good luck Rob! Undisclosed amount
Feb 28 James Kinkaid You may plan my finances, but you will never plan my hobbies. Godspeed, Rob. Undisclosed amount
Feb 28 Gabriel Yam Lets go!! 4am?! Impressive CA$54.63
Feb 28 Danielle Demark I think you are nuts, but respect your dedication. Poor Holly. Undisclosed amount
Feb 28 Dawn A You are crazy..... Undisclosed amount
Feb 28 Donna CA$108.31
Feb 28 Derek Kenney Good luck Rob! CA$54.63
Feb 28 Richard Lamoureux Way to go Rob! CA$269.32
Feb 16 Rob Meredith CA$269.32