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Our story…

In 2019 my mom, Mimi Parsons, was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. She was among over 19,000 women who would be diagnosed with ovarian cancer in the U.S. that year. Despite receiving the very best care, undergoing surgery and multiple rounds of chemotherapy, we lost her tragically to this disease in April 2022. 

Over 50% of ovarian cancer patients do not survive to five years after initial diagnosis, making ovarian cancer the most deadly of gynecological cancers. In addition, ovarian cancer is among the most difficult to diagnose at an early stage, due to its often vague and non-specific symptoms that mimic other health conditions, such as bloating, fatigue, urinary symptoms (increased urgency or frequency), back pain, constipation and menstrual changes. There is no screening test for ovarian cancer. Screening tests used for cervical cancer, such as a Pap test or HPV (human papillomavirus) test aren’t effective tests for ovarian cancer. Rarely, ovarian cancers are found through Pap tests, but usually they are at an advanced stage.

We may have had more time with mom if she had been able to get an earlier diagnosis. Unfortunately, only 16% of ovarian cancer patients obtain a diagnosis in the early stage, before it has spread. Women diagnosed early have a much higher five-year survival rate (93%) than those diagnosed at a later stage. 

A woman's lifetime risk of developing ovarian cancer is 1 in 78, and ranks fifth in cancer deaths among women. Ovarian cancer rates are highest among women aged 55 to 64. The relative five-year survival rate for ovarian cancer is 49.1%.

The mission of Jodi's Race and the Colorado Ovarian Cancer Alliance (COCA) is to is to promote awareness and early detection of ovarian cancer through advocacy and education while providing support to people affected by ovarian cancer. Please join me in supporting this worthy cause.

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Jun 09 Sarah’s Team F* Cancer Your story is very touching and heartfelt. So sorry to hear about your mom Hannah, Mimi seemed amazing. See you Saturday 💙 $27.48
Jun 08 Tom Siebens Thank you, all you donors . . . AND you runners! Undisclosed amount
Jun 07 Diana Liechty Love to you and your family ❤️ $54.10
Jun 06 Gabi Love you hannie <3 $80.73
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Jun 06 Tiggy Go Team Mimi XOT $107.35
Jun 06 The Levines and Maeve Sending team Mimi so much love. $54.10
Jun 06 Mozghan & Geoffrey Run Hannah Run ( what a great cause)! $267.10
Jun 06 Lauren $54.10