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My Story…

My Story

September 22 2019.  I suddenly got a bad headache, nausea, neck pain and dizziness… I didn’t think anything of it… I went home and went to bed. The next morning Sept 23 2019 I woke up with the worse pain in my head, neck, and back of my life. My head was very heavy, it was hard to keep it up, There was also a lot of pressure it in as well. I was vomiting Also, my left leg had pins and needles at the time. I end up going to the hospital They do a CT of the brain, an EKG & a lumbar puncture to rule out meningitis. Everything comes back negative. I get admitted for two days for observation and get sent home with a neurologist follow up. 

October 1st, 2019. I end up going back to the emergency room. The same pain I had progressive had come back worse each day and 10/1 it came back 10x worse. I was unable to put pressure on my left leg and ended up going back to the hospital  with the same symptoms but more severe. I get readmitted for two days this time. They do a whole bunch more tests, however, everything came back unremarkable

I had the following tests done and all were unremarkable.

MRI Brain MRI C Spine CT Venogram Brain CT CTA Head & Brain CT Brain MRI T Spine Blood Patches CT Myelogram MRI Myelogram

I was starting to lose hope until I got a referral from my neurologist to Jefferson Health for a consultation for Ketamine treatments. They have been successful in moderate pain relief. I am forever grateful for this relief I have received from Jefferson. 

Please consider supporting me in my two mile walk as I raise funds for Jefferson Headache Center.

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Jun 28 jean_marie1971 One day, maybe, they will come up with a cure for these and we will no longer get them! $107.35
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Jun 23 Facebook Fundraiser Facebook Fundraising Donations from 5/4 - 5/14 $325.00
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