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Miles for Migraine - ACT NOW Event

Join our ACT -

Advocacy Connection Team

Raise Funds & Awareness for Migraine Research

We know - painful events happen:

  • You may be unwell on the day of our live event
  • You may want to create your own signature event
  • You are not available for walking or running

We have developed a toolkit to support and help you create your own ACT NOW event. 

We will:

  • Help you design a registration page
  • Design the flyer/social media template to share your event with friends and family
  • Provide phone support to answer your questions
  • Assist you with whatever else you may need

You will:

  • Choose an event that you can accomplish on your own or ask others to help you with
  • Provide all the necessary materials (ie.g if you are having a pot-luck meal, you will supply the location and food)

We have Ideas for You:

  • No Lights Yoga Class - low sensory event
  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Bingo Party
  • Silent Auction - get local artist to donate greeting cards, stained glass, paintings and have a potluck and purchase evening
  • Online Auction - person who makes the art gets a percentage, and a percentage is donated to Miles for Migraine
  • Cooking Class
  • Local Restaurant Night - Ask them to donate a % of their proceeds from a day to your event. 
  • Tea Party
  • Paint & Wine eve or any craft project
  • Lunch and Learn: Ask a local health care provider to speak to your group
  • Meeting with your legislator - go to open public meeting and take a group of advocates with you

Registration fees

ACT Now Advocacy Event

  1. Free
    Mar 22 - Jan 2

Steps for a successful and fun ACT NOW event:

1. Decide on your event type – see examples – and give your event a catchy name or phrase

2. Register yourself, for FREE, here on this registration page

3. Invite others to join your ACT NOW Team by sharing your team link with them. Encourage each person to bring one additional person with them. 

4. Customize your personal fundraising page with a photo and brief description of your event. 

5. Ask everyone to donate to the event

6. Download our flyer template and post some flyers in local businesses, doctor’s office, and place of employment

Contact Information

Event Location

4114 Hain Drive, Lafayette Hill, PA, USA

Click here to view map