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Pancreatic Cancer Canada

Raise money for Pancreatic Cancer Canada

ith Pancreatic Cancer Canada (PCC) and help raise the rate of pancreatic cancer survival. The statistics of this devastating cancer are staggering – 90% of people diagnosed will die within 5 years; 50% of those within just 4 months. Pancreatic cancer is on track to be the second deadliest cancer by 2030. We aren’t looking for sympathy, we’re looking for results. 

Pancreatic Cancer Canada is committed to raising the survival rate through major investments in research and increased awareness of the disease among the general public and healthcare professionals, while ensuring patients and their families have access to the specialized care and support they need at every stage.

Stand with us and demand survival, not sympathy, for pancreatic cancer patients and their loved ones. Your participation and support will help change the trajectory of the world’s toughest cancer.



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Recent donors

Recent donors
Date Name Amount
May 28 Heather, Peter and Family We are proud of you! Go Bro Go!! Undisclosed amount
May 27 Alison Heal Go get’em, Hannah! ❤️ $27.60
May 27 Jason and Moey Wu $27.60
May 27 Claudia Chong Go Kenrick 🏃🏻‍♂️👍 Undisclosed amount
May 27 HC Go Kenrick! Undisclosed amount
May 27 Cindy Sy Good luck! $54.31
May 26 Gerardo Luyando Hoping that this will help improve research and the quality of life of those affected with pancreatic cancer $500.00
May 26 Sunny Kullar Undisclosed amount
May 25 Julia $107.72
May 25 Gurinder sandhu $107.72