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Whistler Food Bank

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Whistler’s Food Bank provides an essential service for a range of people based in the Sea to Sky corridor.

It is for anyone and everyone trying to make ends meet. Supplemental groceries are available to ensure individuals don’t have to lower the quality or quantity of food they are eating. There are many different reasons to access the food bank: high cost of living, low income, injury, illness, and/or precarious work conditions, and many more.

Recent donors

Recent donors
Date Name Amount
May 12 Anonymous $54.31
May 04 Anonymous Undisclosed amount
Apr 23 Anonymous Undisclosed amount
Apr 23 Anonymous $27.60
Apr 21 Anonymous $27.60
Apr 17 Anonymous Undisclosed amount
Mar 30 Jacopo Ienco $5.00
Mar 28 Tessa Webb $6.24
Mar 19 Anonymous Undisclosed amount
Mar 06 James Clift $5.00