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Quincy Medical Group’s Bridge the Gap to Health Race has always been more than a race. The race has been a way to bring the community together for the greater good of the community. The motivation to participate varies by participant. Whether it’s to focus on one’s personal health goals, to come together with friends and family for the experience, or for the cause, the race has become a community tradition. No matter the reason, the race was created to help bridge the gap of a need in our community.

This year’s race benefits the YWCA program. As a race committee, we plan to provide a unique race experience, but our primary purpose is to raise funds for some of our most vulnerable residents. We are doing this by partnering this year with the YWCA.  Bringing awareness to the issues the organization addresses is important. 

Working with area emergency shelters, this program is able to move the most vulnerable homeless families into safe, affordable housing. Each family is assessed, and those with the most health and safety risks are served first. Therefore, our target population is single mothers struggling with disabling conditions themselves or with children facing the same struggles. Recently, data showed that men also face the same issues and in 2019 the YWCA was able to take men into the program, with the primary focus remaining women and children. Along with recognizing a new gap in the community we still believe that food insecurity is an area where we can continue to support.

The YWCA has been a long standing organization and will be celebrating 116 years in Quincy, IL, this coming spring. We believe by financially supporting the YWCA Supportive Housing Program we are able to move individuals and families off the streets into a program that teaches life skills that help individuals be successful.  The program takes a hands on approach and offers those in need more than just a place to stay. Case managers provide the guidance and support necessary to help meet goals such as financial independence and stability, strengthen family bonds, and the support to make good decisions. The program meets people where they are at in life and challenges individuals to make changes. The Supportive Housing Program is able to offer families a safe, furnished house, financially assist with mental health counseling, substance abuse treatment, medical expenses, medication expenses, dental expenses, clothing and shoes for employment, food and gas vouchers, bus passes, utility assistance, childcare payment assistance, educational and training expenses, and legal services.  

Recent donors

Recent donors
Date Name Amount
Apr 22 Anonymous Undisclosed amount
Apr 19 Anonymous Undisclosed amount
Apr 18 Troy Sitton $6.18
Apr 14 Jennifer Arndt Robinson Remembering my dad, Paul Arndt, who loved running and supporting great causes alongside the BTG team. $107.35
Mar 28 Anonymous Undisclosed amount
Mar 01 Anonymous Undisclosed amount
Feb 10 Anonymous Undisclosed amount
Feb 10 Marianne McClain $54.10