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Club dues are necessary to cover the costs of club operation expenses such as club USATF association fees, awards, hosting club races, Christmas Relay entries, equipment/supplies, season parties/BBQs, etc.  Benefits to members who pay dues include eligibility for the following: newest available singlets, year-end club awards, invitation to season club parties/BBQs, earning of comp'ed entry for club hosted races (based on volunteer effort), any discounts from sponsorship deals, and any PA race entry reimbursement program in effect* (depending on the club's financial status). Club dues are not required for you to join club workouts/runs.  And unlike USATF membership, it is not required to race/compete for the club.  However, keep in mind that the process of paying for dues allows your club to exist.

If you prefer to pay dues by check, email your information to Allan Standbridge and mail the check to:

Allan Stanbridge
311 Lexington Way
Burlingame, CA 94010

Make checks payable to Excelsior Running Club.

Remember that to score for the Excelsior Running Club in races, you must also be a member of the Pacific Association (PA), USATF.  You can also register online for USATF membership at

Be sure to mark 113 as your club number.

*For 2014, the policy is to partially reimburse entry fees for PA races at the end of the year.  The amount of reimbursement would be proportinate to the total of the earliest pre-reg fees incurred/claimed by members for PAUSATF races throughout the year.  The total amount available for reimbursement depends on the remainder of club funds in excess of reserves at the end of year and may or may not cover much of the actual entry fees incurred.  Members are expected to keep track of their races and costs incurred.  Members have the option to not participate in the program or to leave the money with the club. 

Registration fees

1 year membership

Annual Dues for individual or family

  1. $35.00
    Jan 1 - Dec 31

2 year membership

2 year dues for individual or family

  1. $60.00
    Jan 1 - Dec 31

3 year membership

3 year dues for individual or family

  1. $80.00
    Jan 1 - Dec 31

Lifetime membership

Lifetime individual or family membership

  1. $300.00
    Jan 1 - Dec 31

Event Schedule

  • January 1 12:00 AM EST - none

Contact Information

Event Location

San Francisco, CA, United States

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