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The name of the group is “BCS Trail Runners" but we’ll call them “the Club” for short after this.

The Club is for providing a platform for promoting long distance running and trail running as a sport and healthy lifestyle within our community.   We’ll host group runs, fun runs, training runs and programs on trails, social events for members, and other stuff that may be conducive to the encouragement of running.  The Club may also engage in community activities to publicize the benefits of trail running as a means of physical fitness to improve the health status of people in our community.

The Club is a chapter under the umbrella of the BCS Marathon, and all measures adopted by that body must be considered by this organization.

Membership in the Club will be on an annual basis starting January 1.  Anyone can join the Club without regard to race, creed, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, physical condition, or age. Individuals who wish to participate in the activities of this organization shall submit dues annually, complete an annual application for membership, which includes agreeing to follow the Club’s code of conduct, and sign a waiver of liability for participation in all Club activities.

The annual dues rate for the Club membership will be $25 for individual and $50 for family memberships.

This is a non-profit organization under the umbrella of the BCS Marathon. Dues, entry fees, and other monies received by the organization will be spent entirely for carrying out the stated purposes of the organization. 

BCS Trail Runners Code of Conduct

BCS Trail Runners Rules (we’re pretty serious about these five)

1. Leave no trace

Gel tops and packets, bar wrappers, dog (or people) poop, toilet paper, you name it. If you brought it, take it back out, or, if it biodegrades in less than a month, bury it. Toilets are available at the trailhead. If you can’t hold it, hold it long enough to get at least 30 feet off the trail and where NO ONE can see you. AND, if you’ve got room, pick up any garbage you see on the way.

2. Pay it forward

Volunteers do the majority of the upkeep by repair work, removing downed trees, de-rocking tread and trimming overgrowth. Help preserve your favorite trails by heading the call to join a work party when the BCS Trail Runners asks you.

3. Warn others when passing

All it takes is an “On your left” or “Runner” or “Howdy” to get someone’s attention and give them the opportunity to react. It’s no fun being startled in the middle of the woods.

4. Control your dog

Everyone loves a well-behaved dog owner and their dog; no one likes the other kind. They don’t.

5. Remember where you are and who we are

We are guests on private property. Treat it as such and you will be invited back. Don’t, and we’ll figure out who you are and you won’t be. We will create trails. The mountain bike association and the equestrian association have created trails. We represent a community of trail users. We want those who will represent it well to non-runners, fellow runners, mountain bikers, and equestrians. We don’t want those who won’t. 

BCS Trail Runners Suggestions (these are pretty important, too) 

1. Leave no one behind

It only takes one mistake by a tired runner to end up doing circles in the middle of the woods.

2. No headphones

What you can’t hear can hurt you like: an approaching mountain biker, a passing runner, loose dogs, horses, cars, trains, serial killers. Remember, the #1 reason people join a running club is for the social part.

3. Be kind & keep it clean

What you discuss in the bar or your bedroom may not be appropriate on the run. Think twice; no need to offend anyone.

4. Stay on the trail

Cutting trails is damaging and can easily be a recipe for getting lost.

5. Show up on time

It’s better to be 10 minutes too early than 2 minutes too late. It’s a matter of respect.

Registration fees

Individual Closed

Annual Dues for Accessing Millican Reserve Trails

Family Closed

Annual Dues for Accessing Millican Reserve Trails by two or more Members of one Nuclear Family

Event Schedule

  • March 12 7:00 AM CST - Saturday Club runs every 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month.

Contact Information

Event Location

30.48194, -96.24667

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