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Three events over a 6 Week Span in the Spring/Summer of 2018 - Port Alberni, British Columbia

You can do one, two, or all three events and within those you can select the distance(s) that suit you best. And of course, if you do all three, you're doing our unique approach to a Triathlon!

Here is what to expect:

Bike the Lakes:

Our first event is the 'Bike the Lakes' to be held on Sunday, May 27, 2018. The events all start in the lower campground area of Sproat Lake Provincial Park. Riders will want to have a Mountain Bike or similar as all routes are gravel, rocks etc. None are easy. The Smolt ride aimed at kids will be approximately 3k and include a short trek through the Provincial Park and nearby areas. The Sprint ride is about 17 k bringing riders to the south side of the lake over to the Sproat Lake Watersports area - and back. Nice ride. The Challenge ride takes the same route but travels further along that side of the lake all the way to Snow Creek Recreation Site and Campground - and back. That ride is approximately 67k. The Iconic ride takes a different route though it does follow the others to the far side of the lake. From there the riders will head further south up some very steep and challenging climbs out to Gracie Lake then over to Nahmint Lake. From there you'll follow the stunning shoreline of that little visited inland lake before turning east toward the Alberni Inlet. You'll enjoy a nice rest stop at Macktush Creek Campground which is an absolutely beautiful spot on Vancouver Island. The last part of your ride will follow the Alberni Inlet on the west side heading north before eventually bringing you back to the starting point. This ride is a little less than 90k but it is very challenging. Don't kid yourself! 

Run the Train:

Join us on Father's Day - Sunday, June 17th for what many feel is our feature event. It all started with the No. 7 Challenge a 10k race the train morphing then to the Tri-Conic Challenge featuring four different run distances. For 2018 we will start our races again at the Train Station where both the Sprint (10k) and Challenge (1/2 Marathon) will 'race the train to the McLean Mill. The Challenge folks will keep going until they complete their race which will also finish at the Mill site. The marathon runners will start earlier in the day and they too will complete at the Mill Site after having run up to the beautiful area known as Stamp River Provincial Park. When in the park you'll run alongside the ranging river which at that time of year will be full of early return Sockeye Salmon. If you stop for a break you'll almost certainly see high numbers of fish trying to get over the falls. From there you'll head through some trails, not long, before getting back to Beaver Creek Road to work your way back to the Mill site. We have significant plans in place for the day at the McLean Mill to celebrate Father's Day. 

Swim the Past:  

Our final event for the Tri-Conic Challenge is the Swim the Past. This event is also at Sproat Lake only it's in the lovely clear warm waters of this fantastic lake. Sproat Lake has an amazing history including the Petroglyphs that were carved by First Nations Peoples hundreds of years ago. Many of our swimmers will circle right past there. The lake is also home to the recently rebuilt SWAN a steamship built in the late 1800's that navigated both the Alberni Inlet and Sproat Lake. In 1955 or thereabouts it was purposely 'sunk' in about 60 feet of water where it rested for 40 years until local people decided to bring it back to the surface and start its reconstruction. The ship is now resting comfortably at the Marine Heritage Center in Port Alberni. The lake is also home to the famed Martin Mars Water Bombers built in the US for the US army back in the 1940's. Converted to fire fighting machines in the late 1950's two of them remain in the world - both at Sproat Lake. 

Register for multiple events


2018 Tri-Conic Challenge - Bike

Event Date: Sun, May 27, 2018
Sub-event Price
Sprints CA$50.00
Smolts CA$15.00
Challenge CA$70.00
Iconic CA$95.00

2018 Tri-Conic Challenge - Run

Event Date: Sun, July 1, 2018
Sub-event Price
Smolts CA$30.00
Sprints CA$60.00

2018 Tri-Conic Challenge - Swim

Event Date: Sun, July 8, 2018
Sub-event Price
Smolts CA$15.00
Sprints CA$45.00
Challenge CA$55.00
Iconic CA$60.00

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Port Alberni, BC, Canada

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