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Name Location Sub-event Raised
Mike Tancsa Waterloo, CA Guest $40.00
Adam Dixon St. jacobs, CA Relay Team Members $0.00
Ahmed Ahmed Waterloo, CA Relay Team Members $0.00
Alan Thwaits Mississauga, CA Guest $0.00
Amanda Booth kitchener, CA Guest $0.00
Andrew Moizer Merrickville, CA Guest $0.00
Andrew Heij Waterloo, CA Individual - Ultimate $0.00
Angela Batsford Petawawa, CA Individual - Ultimate $0.00
Arek Rzekec Mississauga, CA Guest $0.00
Ben Hack Toronto, CA Individual - Ultimate $0.00
Bill Cressman Waterloo, CA Relay Team Members $0.00
Brad Stafford Rockwood, CA Guest $0.00
Brenda Feeney Kitchener, CA Relay Team Members $0.00
Brendan Hancock Relay Team Members $0.00
Brendon Greenlay Kitchener, CA Relay Team Members $0.00
Brent Banda-ay Fergus, CA Guest $0.00
Brian Northan Guilderland, US Guest $0.00
Brian Verspagen St Clements, CA Individual - Ultimate $0.00
Brittany Simmons Whitby, CA Guest $0.00
Carol Stewart Waterloo, CA Guest $0.00
Carolyn Edwards Waterloo, CA Guest $0.00
Catherine Kelly Cambridge, CA Individual - Ultimate $0.00
Cathy Putman Ajax, CA Individual - Ultimate $0.00
Charles Prange kitchener, CA Guest $0.00
Charlotte Vasarhelyi Kitchener, CA Relay Team Members $0.00

Event Location

Conestogo, ON, Canada

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