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Heartwood Place

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ALL PLEDGES TO: Heartwood Place is a charitable organization established in 2001 by a local group of volunteers who are committed to making a change in the housing crisis in the Region of Waterloo. "Heartwood" is the centre of the trunk, the strongest part, which provides stability and durability to the tree. We all know that everyone needs a "place", a place where they belong, a place to feel safe, secure and nourished. No one challenges the old adage, "Home is where the heart is".

Heartwood Place's trademark, designed by local artist Terry Black, portrays a large flourishing tree surrounded by green grass, with a stream and tall trees in the background. This image represents strength, serenity and growth, a statement of what develops in a positive environment and nurturing setting.


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Recent donors

Recent donors
Date Name Amount
Jun 03 Wendy McCuaig $50.00
Jun 03 Anonymous $5.00
Jun 03 Anonymous $10.00
Jun 03 Catherine Straus $25.00
Jun 03 Bryan Nichol $25.00
Jun 02 Lee McCaffrey $20.00
Jun 02 Sarah Cronin $40.00
Jun 01 Marc Meunier $50.00
Jun 01 J Graham Strong $50.00
May 29 Jeff Rankine $25.00