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Name Location Sub-event Raised
Adam Uhren Regina, CA Challenge Race $0.00
Alma Tholl Regina, CA Trail Blazer $0.00
Arlen Sjodin Regina, CA Trail Blazer $0.00
Bernie Wlock Yorkton, CA Trail Blazer $0.00
Bruce Bertwistle Fort Qu'Appelle, CA Challenge Race $0.00
Cheri Dujardin Regina, CA Trail Blazer $0.00
Chris Dujardin Regina, CA Trail Blazer $0.00
Chris Timmerman Shallow Lake, CA Trail Blazer $0.00
Cory Cochrane Fort Qu'Appelle, CA Trail Blazer $0.00
Craig Johnson Regina, CA Challenge Race $0.00
Craig Verner Esterhazy, CA Challenge Race $0.00
Darren Peters Regina, CA Trail Blazer $0.00
Derek Anaquod Regina, CA Challenge Race $0.00
Fiona Cribb Regina, CA Trail Blazer $0.00
Gareth Dillistone Regina, CA Trail Blazer $0.00
Gary Johnson Regina, CA Trail Blazer $0.00
Geoff HORN Regina, CA Challenge Race $0.00
Greg Cuneo Calgary, CA Trail Blazer $0.00
Heidi Eger Regina, CA Challenge Race $0.00
Hilary McKay Balcarres, CA Try-a-Trail $0.00
Holly Cochrane Fort Qu'Appelle, CA Trail Blazer $0.00
Janet Norman-Smith Regina, CA Try-a-Trail $0.00
Jason Hubick Regina, CA Challenge Race $0.00
Jeanette Taylor Lumsden, CA Trail Blazer $0.00
Jeff Dudar Regina, CA Challenge Race $0.00

Event Location

Echo Valley Provincial Park, Fort Qu'Appelle, SK, Canada

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