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Participant's Charity of Choice

Raise money for Participant's Charity of Choice

Participants can raise and donate pledges to the Charity of their Choice.

Please click on 'Pledge a Participant' to donate to the Participants chosen charity, or continue here to make a general donation.

Recent donors

Date Name Amount
Jul 31 Susan Ludwig $50.00
Jul 30 tracy boileau $25.00
Jul 29 David Hollinger $100.00
Jul 29 Lynne taylor $100.00
Jul 29 Bonnie Sowiluk $50.00
Jul 29 Jacob Shelley $25.00
Jul 29 cathy derksen $25.00
Jul 29 Marjorie Brown $25.00
Jul 29 Elaine Turcotte $500.00
Jul 27 Gerd Griffin $50.00