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Iron Hawk 2016

Sprint Duathlon, Do-A-Du, Relay, 5K Run, Youth Duathlon


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Name Location Sub-event Raised
Lari Sabbe Harrow, CA Do-A-Du $50.00
Lauren Abbott Harrow, CA Do-A-Du Relay $50.00
Ethan Robinson Harrow, CA Do-A-Du Relay $25.00
Keith Robinson Harrow, CA Do-A-Du $25.00
Michael Hamlin (jr) harrow, CA 5K Run $25.00
Nolan Robinson Harrow, CA Youth Duathlon $25.00
Adam Black Amherstburg, CA Sprint Duathlon $0.00
Addison Pollard Harrow, CA Youth Duathlon $0.00
Aislinn Atanasio Harrow, CA 5K Run $0.00
Amy Poole Windsor, CA Sprint Duathlon $0.00
ANDREW UNGER Leamington, CA Youth Duathlon $0.00
Angie Dinchik tecumseh, CA Sprint Duathlon $0.00
Ashleigh Moulder Windsor, CA Do-A-Du $0.00
Ashley Gyori Harrow, CA Do-A-Du Relay $0.00
AUBREY UNGER Leamington, CA Youth Duathlon $0.00
Bailey Palomba Leamington, CA 5K Run $0.00
Barb Pollard Harrow, CA Sprint Duathlon $0.00
Brad Reiter Leamington, CA Sprint Duathlon $0.00
Brian Allen Windsor, CA Sprint Duathlon $0.00
Caden Laman Kingsville, CA Youth Duathlon $0.00
Cadence Turner Win dsor, CA Youth Duathlon $0.00
Carl Bull harrow, CA Sprint Duathlon $0.00
Cathie Morrison Essex, CA Sprint Duathlon $0.00
Cathy McKibbon Tecumseh, CA Sprint Duathlon $0.00
Christine Ouellette Harrow, CA 5K Run $0.00

Event Location

2225 Roseborough Road, Harrow, ON, Canada

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