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Name Leader Members Raised
SEE You at The Finish Line Andrea Traynor Andrea Traynor, Lorina Boucher, Sheena Jackson, Cayden Holmes, Gale Spencer-Kennell, Shannon Taylor, Joe Traynor, Nikki Huggins, Kelly Babcock $425.00
Double Trouble Paige Phillips Paige Phillips, Claire Phillips $75.00
OS Bay Probes Mollie Schenck Mollie Schenck $50.00
Barmelo Running Gary Barfoot Gary Barfoot, Marcia Demelo $0.00
Black Lungs Toronto Darren Lee Darren Lee $0.00
Dhruv Lakshya Dhruv Lakshya Dhruv $0.00
Fallows Family Renee Fallows Renee Fallows, Mark Fallows, Emma Fallows $0.00
Kurt-Kirby Warren Kurt Warren Kurt, Ryan Kurt, Charlie Kurt $0.00
Owen Sound Police Auxiliary Jessica Brown Stephen-James Bent, Jessica Brown $0.00
Owen Sound Professional Firefighters Ryan Robertson Ryan Robertson $0.00

Event Location

Owen Sound, Ontario Canada

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