2017 TranSelkirks Run

5 days of trail running bliss

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Name Leader Members
California Dreamin Jim Frondorf Jim Frondorf, Kevin Stuart
fairmentz George Mentz George Mentz, Donald Fairweather
Get 'er Run Candice McLeod Candice McLeod, Stephanie Wigginton
Going over the hill! Carrie Sclar Carrie Sclar, John Stevens
Island Fun Bobbie Taylor Bobbie Taylor, Darren Rinaldi
Lulu&D David Deere David Deere, Lucy Curtis
M-Ted Edward Siviter Edward Siviter, Emily Siviter
MC Hammer Marc Sonntag Marc Sonntag, Carson Bannon
O'Toole Morgan Kennah
Pork Roll Egg & Cheese Michael Turano Michael Turano, Laney Baris

Event Location

Revelstoke, BC, Canada

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