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My Story…

Donna Hawley liked to fish a little bit! HA! She ate, breathed and planned her world around fishing. If you were around her, then you probably have a fishing with Donna story. My favorite fishing times had nothing to do with what we caught,...just that we were out in nature, two country kids, talking, laughing, being silly, and enjoying the times spent with a friend.

Over the years Donna and Debbie became the caretakers of several of my artworks, they are two of my biggest supporters on my art path.

In honor of Donna, I've been making fish paintings. The running theme is FOC ( F**k off Cancer) for the Teal Trot team.
I am offering them exclusively to folks who will donate to my page $125.00 or more. I will be making a total of 10 fish paintings and really hope that you will help me raise over $1000.00 to go towards the 2017 FOC team fundraising goal.

Stop by my facebook page if you want more info on the FOC paintings. FISH ON!

Donate to help Kim raise money for Teal Trot 5K’s fundraising campaign.

Recent donors

Donation date Donor name Donation amount
Jun 13 Love It Up Do we get to pick the piece? $125.00
Jun 13 Leslie Johnson Undisclosed amount