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Name Bib Location Sub-event
Aaron Whittaker 198 Westerville, US Long Duathon
Abigail Butler 81 Galena, US Double Duathlon
Aimee Millward 184 Avon, US Long Duathon
Alex Wise 136 Grandview, US Double Duathlon
Alex Kovalik 178 Beaverton, US Long Duathon
Alexandra Konet 110 Columbus, US Double Duathlon
Ali Heck 23 Columbus, US Short Duathon
Alison Rose 123 Bexley, US Double Duathlon
Allen Frye 168 Columbus, US Long Duathon
Amy Barrows 73 Bluffton, US Double Duathlon
Amy Wheeler 197 Grove City, US Long Duathon
Andres Esguerra 165 dublin, US Long Duathon
Andrew Kirch 177 Columbus, US Long Duathon
Ashley Bell 3 Galena, US Short Duathon
Autumn Reed 44 Ostrander, US Short Duathon
Barbara Shardy 50 Galloway, US Short Duathon
Barbara Fox 95 Bexley, US Double Duathlon
Becky Koenig 109 bexley, US Double Duathlon
Ben Barszcz 74 New Albany, US Double Duathlon
Beth White 56 Dublin, US Short Duathon
Bob Bechtol 75 Galena, US Double Duathlon
Bradley Butler 156 Galena, US Long Duathon
Bradley Aune 138 Columbus, US Double Duathlon
Bren Ward 55 Westerville, US Short Duathon
Brian Coomes 9 Delaware, US Short Duathon

Event Location

Concord Township Trustees, Dublin Road, Delaware, OH, United States

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