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Name Location Sub-event
Aaron Olejniczak Cedarburg, US 5K
Aaron Day De Pere, US 5K
Aaron Van Genderen Cedarburg, US 5K
Aaron Kluck Cedarburg, US Walk
Aaron Zalewski Port Washington, US 5K
Abbey Stroik Hartford, US 5K
Abby Frandsen Shippensburg, US Walk
Abby Prom Cedarburg, US Walk
Abby Koch Grafton, US Walk
Abby Gehring Slinger, US 5K
Abby Mueller Cedarburg, US 5K
Abigail Freeland Grafton, US 5K
Adam Bretsch Cedarburg, US 5K
Adam Zalewski Port Washington, US 5K
Adam Putzer Port Washington, US 5K
ADAM ARVOLD Cedarburg, US 5K
Addie McKinnis Grafton, US 5K
Adelyn Albanese Antioch, US 5K
ADRIANNA GARNI cedarburg, US Walk
Aidan Blizzard Grafton, US 5K
Al Jackson Cedarburg, US Walk
Alan Schmidt Grafton, US Walk
Alex Gasper Germantown, US 5K
Alex Roberts Cedarburg, US 5K
Alex Monroe Cedarburg, US Walk

Event Location

1425 Covered Bridge Road, Cedarburg, WI 53012

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