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Kootenay Krusher Mountain Bike Race
Single track cross country mountain bike race.

Join The Kootenay Krusher!

The Kootenay Krusher course is a 25 km loop that is predominantly single track. The course follows the beautiful Kootenay and Cross rivers.  The 50 km event does two laps of the 25 km loop, while the 25 km does only one circuit.  The 5 km, 3 km and 1.5 km loops incorporate some single track and stay very close to the Nipika Meadow area. The Kootenay Krusher courses will fallow the same course as the Crazy Soles trail run.

Distances & Events

  • 50 km (Male/Female: 18-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50+; 2-Person Team*: Open Men, Open Women, Open Mixed)
  • 25 km (Male/Female: 14-17, 18-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50+)
  • 10km (Male/Female: Rec)
  • 5 km (Male/Female: 11-13)
  • 3 km (Male/Female: 6-10)
  • Run Bike Strider Event: (5 & under) 

 *Team: Each member must complete one full lap of the 25km loop.  

Join us for a barbeque and awards ceremony after the race at the Nipika Day Lodge. BBQ is included with race registration and additional tickets can be purchased on site.

Registration fees

50km solo Closed

50km team Closed

team of 2, 25km each

25km solo Closed

5km solo Closed

10-15 years old

3km solo Closed

6-9 years old

1.5km solo Closed

5 & under, run bike or pedal

10km solo Closed


Event Schedule

  • May 28 10:00 AM MDT - 50km start (Team & Solo)

  • May 28 10:05 AM MDT - 5km start

  • May 28 10:10 AM MDT - 3km start

  • May 28 10:15 AM MDT - 1.5km start

  • May 28 10:30 AM MDT - 10km start

  • May 28 10:45 AM MDT - 25km start

Contact Information

Event Location

Nipika Mountain Resort, Radium Hot Springs, BC, Canada

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