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Name Location Sub-event
Aaron Baker Calgary, CA 10km solo
Alan Williams Calgary, CA 25km solo
Alix Raduy Calgary, CA 5km solo
Annett Kamenz Edmonton, CA 50km solo
Ava Baker Calgary, CA 10km solo
Benedek Purnhauser Canmore, CA 3km solo
Blain Van Melle Calgary, CA 25km solo
Bob Werner Fernie, CA 50km solo
Bria Raduy Calgary, CA 5km solo
Bryce Lam Invermere, CA 1.5km solo
Caleb Breau Invermere, CA 3km solo
Carmen Baker Calgary, CA 10km solo
Carola Oehme Coldstream, CA 50km team
Charlie Breau Invermere, CA 1.5km solo
Chris Bentley Fernie, CA 50km team
Clara Van Melle Calgary, CA 3km solo
Clayton Hills Calgary, CA 25km solo
Cody Shold Edmonton, CA 50km solo
Cory Breau Invermere, CA 25km solo
Cory Tomlinson Calgary, CA 50km solo
Dan Oxton Airdrie, CA 25km solo
Dave Brettelle Edmonton, CA 50km solo
David Loewen Calgary, CA 25km solo
David Anderson Calgary, CA 50km solo
Denes Purnhauser Canmore, CA 50km solo

Event Location

Nipika Mountain Resort, Radium Hot Springs, BC, Canada

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