2017 Matty's Memorial 5k Run/Walk for Epilepsy

and Matty's Mighty Dash races


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Name Location Sub-event Raised
Aaron Kloss Lincoln, US 5K Walker $0.00
Abby Palmer East Greenwich, US 5K Runner $0.00
Agnieszka Bourret North Providence, US 5K Runner $0.00
Aimee Quigley west kingston, US 5K Runner $0.00
Al SHIMKUS North Kingstown, US 5K Runner $0.00
Alan Silliker Allegany, US 5K Runner $0.00
Alan Schultz Harrisville, US 5K Walker $0.00
Alexander Brauneis Douglas, US Mighty Dasher $0.00
Alexandra Drexler N Scituate, US 5K Runner $0.00
Alexandria Martel Plainville, US 5K Walker $0.00
Alexis Amitrano Blackstone, US Mighty Dasher $0.00
Alice Andrade cranston, US 5K Walker $0.00
Alison Metcalf Wrentham, US 5K Walker $0.00
Amanda Andrade Carolina, US 5K Walker $0.00
Amber Lambert Wakefield, US 5K Runner $0.00
Amy Jackman N Kingstown, US 5K Runner $0.00
Amy Kvilhaug New York, US 5K Runner $0.00
Amy Marshall smithfield, US 5K Walker $0.00
Andrea Neubauer New York, US 5K Runner $0.00
Andrew Harrall North Kingstown, US 5K Runner $10.00
Andrew Schuster Pawtucket, US 5K Runner $0.00
Andrew Horsfield Wakefield, US 5K Runner $0.00
Andrew Palmer North Kingstown, US 5K Runner $0.00
Andy Dunn North Scituate, US 5K Runner $0.00
Angela McMullen Swansea, US 5K Walker $270.00

Event Location

615 Callahan Rd, North Kingstown, RI, United States

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