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Name Location Sub-event
Aaron Kloss Lincoln, US 5K Walker
Abby Palmer East Greenwich, US 5K Runner
Agnieszka Bourret North Providence, US 5K Runner
Aimee Quigley west kingston, US 5K Runner
Al SHIMKUS North Kingstown, US 5K Runner
Alan Silliker Allegany, US 5K Runner
Alan Schultz Harrisville, US 5K Walker
Alexander Brauneis Douglas, US Mighty Dasher
Alexandra Drexler N Scituate, US 5K Runner
Alexandria Martel Plainville, US 5K Walker
Alexis Amitrano Blackstone, US Mighty Dasher
Alice Andrade cranston, US 5K Walker
Alison Metcalf Wrentham, US 5K Walker
Amanda Andrade Carolina, US 5K Walker
Amber Lambert Wakefield, US 5K Runner
Amy Marshall smithfield, US 5K Walker
Amy Jackman N Kingstown, US 5K Runner
Amy Kvilhaug New York, US 5K Runner
Andrea Neubauer New York, US 5K Runner
Andrew Horsfield Wakefield, US 5K Runner
Andrew Harrall North Kingstown, US 5K Runner
Andrew Schuster Pawtucket, US 5K Runner
Andrew Palmer North Kingstown, US 5K Runner
Andy Dunn North Scituate, US 5K Runner
Angela McMullen Swansea, US 5K Walker

Event Location

615 Callahan Rd, North Kingstown, RI, United States

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