2017 Dunkin' Donuts Munchkins Run


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Name Leader Members Raised Action
Team AJ Join team Andrew Ipock Andrew Ipock, Laura Ipock, Leah Claudio, Ariana Claudio, Antonio Claudio, Robert Claudio, Brian Ipock, Brandon Ipock $660.00
Kick Cancer Join team Jennifer Rose Jennifer Rose, Steve Rose, Marcy Kerr, Kelsey Rose, MJ Barker, Gary Trider, Cathie Trider, Erin Gauldin $500.00
Team Hallsley- Go Rosalie! Join team Valerie Waters Valerie Waters, Macy Waters, Ally Waters, John Waters, Jeff Sater, Brooke Sater, Lana Sater, Denice Mchale, Katelin McHale, Marshall Vaughan, Rosalie Vaughan, Amanda Vaughan, Bo Vaughan $175.00
Burn Boot Camp Join team Elizabeth Grosch Elizabeth Grosch, Ryann Sutton $150.00
RounTrey Runners Join team Regina Perkinson Regina Perkinson, Reagan Perkinson, Ransom Perkinson, Allyson McTaggart, Dan McTaggart, Ryan McTaggart, Brendan McTaggart, Brian Perkinson, Justine Monnet, Chris Monnet $75.00
Team Tula Join team Patricia Campbell Patricia Campbell, Doreen Thompson, Jenny Croxton, Cindy Croxton, P.K. Oliver $75.00
3 Legged Dognuts Join team Kelsey Miller Kelsey Miller, Robert Miller, Susan Farbotko, Chet Farbotko $25.00
Team JACK Join team Stephanie Becker Stephanie Becker, Ellie Becker, Jack Becker, Landon Becker, Paul Becker, Tegan Murphy, Peter Murphy $25.00
Team Morrow Join team Kristen Morrow Kristen Morrow, Randy Morrow $25.00
Heapa Trouble Join team Kathy Dorish Kathy Dorish, Trevor Dorish $10.00

Event Location

St. Christopher's School, Saint Christopher's Road, Richmond, VA, United States

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