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15th Annual Fort Macleod Chiropractic Triathlon 2017

The Fort Macleod Triathlon is designed as a fun event for every member of the family. We offer courses of varying lengths to be attainable or challenging to everyone. Our emphasis is on participation, not gold medals.

We invite you to join us on Saturday August 19th for a day of fun, celebration, and challenge.

Registration fees

Olympic - Individual Closed

  1. $55.00
    May 5 - Aug 16

Sprint - Individual Closed

  1. $55.00
    May 5 - Aug 16

Super Sprint - Individual Closed

  1. $55.00
    May 5 - Aug 16

Youth - Individual Closed

Any Distance (except Olympic)

  1. $30.00
    May 5 - Aug 16

Relay - 3 Adults Closed

Any Distance

  1. $165.00
    May 5 - Aug 16

Relay - 2 Adults Closed

Any Distance

  1. $110.00
    May 5 - Aug 16

Relay - 2 Adults + 1 Youth Closed

Any Distance

  1. $140.00
    May 5 - Aug 16

Relay - 2 Youth + 1 Adult Closed

Any Distance

  1. $115.00
    May 5 - Aug 16

Relay - 3 Youth Closed

Any Distance

  1. $90.00
    May 5 - Aug 16

Race Info

This is the 15th Annual Fort Macleod Chiropractic Triathlon and we are growing every year. This years race will be capped so be sure to register early to avoid disappointment!

Categories / Distance:

Olympic 1.5km Swim 40km Bike 10km Run


500m Swim 15km Bike 5km Run
SuperSprint 200m Swim 10km Bike

2km Run

Youth 100m Swim 2km Bike

1km Run


The pool is a 25 meter chlorinated pool. Change rooms and bathrooms
are located at the pool and registration area. There are no lockers so
please leave your valuables locked in your car and your clothes at the
transition area. Check in with the Race Marshall at least 1/2 hour before
your race time. We have previously swam 2 to a lane. This may change
to 3 this year. Relax and enjoy the swim, you can take as long as you
need to finish. With the race chips we can work around you. Some racers wear their swimming attire for the whole race. If you prefer to change please do so in the change room - just remember this counts as part of the race.

Swim - Bike Transition
The pool to transition distance is about 15 meters. Most competitors run
in bare feet to the transition area. There are to be no people other than
competitors in the transitions area. At race time it is very active and
congested. For safety's sake don't enter without a race number.
(The brute squad will get you.) Do not mount your bike until you are
out of the transition area. Your helmet must be on and fastened before
your bike comes off the rack. Remember where your bike came from as
you will need to find your shoes for the run.

Bike Course
The course heads south then west where you may be challenged by our
gentle chinook winds. After 5 km the race turns south again up a
moderate hill to a gentle down slope to the 15 km turn. The Olympic
distance competitors will continue up Windmill hill, a challenge for even
the best riders. At the turn its mostly downhill and usually down wind.
The ride home can be very quick - make sure you can handle the speed.
Brakes aren't just for sissies.

Bike/Run Transition
You must get off your bike before entering the transitions area and your
helmet must remain on until your bike is racked. Remember where you
left your shoes.

The course is mostly flat, winding through Fort Macleod south and east
to the industrial area. The route is all paved.

All done at last. Please join us for food, fruit, treats and liquid at
the Curling Club. Remember that only paid participants will be allowed
to eat at the Curling Club.

Event Schedule

  • August 18 6:00 PM MDT - Package Pickup / In-Person Registration

  • August 19 8:00 AM MDT - Event Start

Contact Information

Event Location

Fort MacLeod, AB, Canada

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