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15th Annual Fort Macleod Chiropractic Triathlon 2017

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Name Leader Members
Givin it a TRI Mark Poitras Mark Poitras, Cayley Bland, Nicole Paggett
Hans & Terena Hans Schrempf Hans Schrempf, Terena Wiggers
North South North Olivia Weaver Olivia Weaver, Hannah Weaver, Rebecca Runions
RobiTri's Luke Robitaille Luke Robitaille, Johanna Robitaille
South North South Jordan Weaver Jordan Weaver, Sam Runions, Max Runions
The Athletic Introverts Noel Roemmele Noel Roemmele, Adam Roemmele, Adam Roemmele
The RNers Carolyn Robbins Carolyn Robbins, Sarina Olivieri, Tiffany Olivieri
Three M's Michael Casey Michael Casey, Teresa Weaver, Mae Runions
Tri-Harder Next Year Courtnay Epp Courtnay Epp, Carmen Jensen, Amy Connolly

Event Location

Fort MacLeod, AB, Canada

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