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The UrbaCity Challenge

Victoria's Urban Adventure Race


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Name Location Sub-event Raised
Sarah Dorrington Victoria Fun $1,850.50
Maria Hla-Tin Victoria Fun $1,575.00
Margaret Hanlan Victoria Fun $1,050.65
Paul Kachan Victoria Fierce $725.00
Firas Abbasi Victoria Fierce $620.00
Cori Forster Victoria, CA Face-Off $616.00
Lee Kamaretsos Victoria, CA Face-Off $600.00
Shawn Burton Victoria, CA Face-Off $565.00
Erica Littler Victoria Face-Off $413.00
Adam Somers Victoria Face-Off $400.00
Emily Ternullo Victoria Face-Off $400.00
Rob McNair Victoria Face-Off $380.00
April Higgins Victoria Fierce $350.00
Fran Hobbis Victoria, CA Face-Off $350.00
Rebecca Pacey Victoria, CA Face-Off $331.00
Christian Gosselin Victoria Face-Off $325.00
Donny Groulx Victoria Face-Off $325.00
Sarah MacGregor Victoria Fierce $300.00
James Wood Saltspring Island Fun $290.00
Ly-Son Le Victoria, CA Face-Off $275.00
Marilyn Hodgson North Saanich Fun $275.00
Arjeet Quinn Victoria Face-Off $258.55
Eric Johnson Victoria, CA Face-Off $250.00
Rosemarie Thomason Victoria Face-Off $250.00
Anthony Thomson Victoria Face-Off $230.00

Event Location

Downtown, Victoria, BC, Canada

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