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Victoria's Urban Adventure Race


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Name Location Sub-event Raised
Aaron Butters Victoria Face-Off $0.00
Adam Myles Victoria Fierce $0.00
Adam Somers Victoria Face-Off $400.00
Aislynn Hilts Victoria Face-Off $0.00
Alistair Harper Victoria Fierce $0.00
Allison Spencelayh Victoria Fierce $130.00
Alyssa Chow Victoria Fierce $175.00
Amanda Dahl Victoria Fierce $0.00
Amber Bosma Victoria, CA Face-Off $0.00
Andrew Snead Victoria Fierce $0.00
Andrew Cavin Victoria Face-Off $0.00
Angela Espinoza Victoria Fun $0.00
Anne-Marie Sutherland Victoria Fierce $0.00
Anthony Thomson Victoria Face-Off $230.00
April Higgins Victoria Fierce $350.00
Arjeet Quinn Victoria Face-Off $258.55
Ashley Kilpatrick Victoria Fierce $0.00
Ashley Moran Victoria Fierce $75.00
Ashley Dueck Victoria, CA Fierce $0.00
Ava Dahl Victoria Fierce $0.00
Benoni Cabrera Victoria Face-Off $0.00
Blair Donovan Victoria Fierce $0.00
Brian Reich Victoria, CA Face-Off $0.00
Brittany Perks Coquitlam Fun $0.00
Carly Russell-Huntley Victoria Face-Off $0.00

Event Location

Downtown, Victoria, BC, Canada

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