The UrbaCity Challenge

Victoria's Urban Adventure Race

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Name Leader Members Raised Action
Gym Class Heroes Sarah MacGregor Sarah MacGregor, Richard Graham $400.00
Ba-Donkin Donuts Alistair Harper Alistair Harper, Claire Monticone $250.00
Y&R Yasmeen Hinton Yasmeen Hinton, Ryan Hinton $175.00
Girls Rule Tina Cheaney Tina Cheaney, Tracy Thompson $100.00
Runners Against Humanity Stephen Curran Stephen Curran, Lisa Kachan $50.00
The Loco Loukko Ladies Michelle Loukko Michelle Loukko, Julianna Loukko $50.00
Coupla Nuts Stephanie Blazey Stephanie Blazey, Wendy Redd $25.00
Running Devil Cyclops Pano Skrivanos Pano Skrivanos, Lindsay Skrivanos $25.00
Aboat Time Fran Hobbis Fran Hobbis, Sara Morberg, Kyle Gallacher, Cori Forster $0.00
B. Jelly Gayle Garant Gayle Garant, Piers Horn $0.00

Event Location

Downtown, Victoria, BC, Canada

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