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Fairmont Mother's Day Run


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Name Leader Members Raised
Wonder Women Nova McCormack Nova McCormack, TIFFANY MACDONALD, EVELYN FREYES, Thomas Mccormack $100.00
Alexis & Buddies Larry Taddei Larry Taddei, Diana Pozza, Alexis Taddei $50.00
GetLowe Nadine Lowe Nadine Lowe, Christie Lowe $50.00
Eaton Girls Laura Eaton Laura Eaton, Olivia Eaton $25.00
Making Our Mark Together Tammie Mark Tammie Mark, Kathryn Mah, Mamie Mark $25.00
Team Unicorn Alexis Gebhard Alexis Gebhard, Keona Gebhard $25.00
Vancouver Active Moms Katharine Todd Katharine Todd, Matt Grzebinski, Ty Clark, Anthe Harabaras, LOREDANA POP, CATALIN POP, Millie Kung, Brian Kwong, Taly Poirier, Josh Poirier $25.00
Morton Girls Tayler Morton Tayler Morton, Bonnie Morton $10.00
Mya & Mom Jill Mossman Jill Mossman, Mya Bailey $10.00
Pixie Girls Kelly Bethune Kelly Bethune, Meghan Bethune, Jessica Bethune $10.00

Event Location

Stanley Park, Vancouver, BC, Canada

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