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Name Location Sub-event
Adam Harris Vernon, CA 50K
Adam Hewey Seattle, US 50K
Adam Poulton Victoria, CA 100K
Alex Grimbley Vancouver, CA 100K
Allan Wong Canmore, CA 50K
Allison Tai Vancouver, CA 100K
Amy Sproston Bend, US 100K
Andre Erlank Victoria, CA 100K
Andrea Kerr Prince George, CA 50K
Andrew Skuse north vancouvrr, CA 50K
Andrew Seaton North Vancouver, CA 50K
Andria Harmon Maple Ridge, CA 50K
Andria Harmon Maple Ridge, CA Merchandise Store
Andy Skinn Vancouver, CA 50K
Andy Healey Vancouver, CA 100K
Annette Wotherspoon North Vancouver, CA 50K
Anur Mehdic Burnaby, CA 50K
Audry Nicol Port coquitlam, CA 50K
B Michelle Johnson Seattle, US 50K
Barb Cutjar Penticton, CA 50K
Belia Morales bellevue, US 50K
Ben Jenkins Vancouver, CA 100K
Ben Brucker Springdale, US 100K
Birgitte Marthinsen Squamish, CA 100K
Brad Kahn Tsawwassen, CA Merchandise Store

Event Location

Sasamat Lake, Port Moody, BC, Canada

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