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Name Location Sub-event
Jennifer Anderson Vancouver, CA Adult
Aaron Rallo vancouver, CA Adult
Adam Lee Vancouver, CA Adult
Adrian Kempton North Vancouver, CA Adult
Agnes Benna vancouver, CA Adult
Aidan Doherty West Vancouver, CA Relay
Alan Ehrenholz Burnaby, CA Adult
Aldo Barragan New Westminster, CA Relay
Alexander Graves North vancouver, CA Adult
Alexandra Harden North Vancouver, CA Adult
Alexandre Comeau North Vancouver, CA Relay
Alexandrina Jelaskoff Vancouver, CA Youth
Alfredo Marin Chiquet Langley, CA Adult
Alissa Stewart Vancouver, CA Adult
Alli Thompson Burnaby, CA Adult
Allie Williams Delta, CA Adult
Allison Tai Adult
Allison Sorace North Vancouver, CA Adult
Allister Henry Vancouver, CA Relay
Amanda Porsild abbotsford, CA Adult
Amrik Mahay Surrey, CA Adult
Amy Tang Vancouver, CA Relay
Amy Hodgson Delta, CA Relay
Ana Lopez North Vancouver, CA Adult
Ana Maria Jaramillo North Vancouver, CA Adult

Event Location

Grouse Mountain, North Vancouver, BC, Canada

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