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The UrbaCity Challenge 2018

Victoria's Downtown Adventure Race


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Name Location Sub-event Raised
Sandra Morneau Victoria, CA Fierce $2,050.00
Eric Johnson Victoria, CA Face-Off $1,550.00
Christian Gosselin Victoria, CA Face-Off $1,160.00
Michael Bonet victoria, CA Fierce $925.00
Janine Supernault Chemainus, CA Fun $885.00
Sarah Dorrington Victoria, CA Fun $836.00
Paul Kachan Victoria, CA Fierce $775.00
Rebecca Pacey Victoria, CA Face-Off $660.00
Adam Somers Victoria, CA Face-Off $600.00
Chelsie Trask-Soltesz Coquitlam, CA Fierce $590.00
Jillian O'Neil Victoria, CA Fierce $590.00
Ryan Fach Victoria, CA Face-Off $530.00
Sara Jolivet Victoria, CA Fun $500.00
Shayna Gendron Victoria, CA Fierce $490.00
Tara Maxwell North Saanich, CA Fierce $425.00
Suzie De La Cruz Victoia, CA Fierce $410.00
Kathy Doxtator Victoria, CA Face-Off $385.00
Kelly Bales Victoria Face-Off $365.00
Lisa Farrell Victoria, CA Fun $365.00
Tyler Hardy Victoria, CA Fun $359.00
Caprice Jones Saanichton, CA Fun $350.00
Catherine Border Victoria, CA Fun $350.00
Sara Ellison Victoria, CA Fierce $340.00
Darlene Chase Victoria, BC, CA Fun $300.00
Erica Littler Victoria, CA Face-Off $300.00

Event Location

Victoria Conference Centre, Douglas Street, Victoria, BC, Canada

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