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The UrbaCity Challenge 2018

Victoria's Downtown Adventure Race

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Name Leader Members Raised
Tenacious Two Sandra Morneau Sandra Morneau, Tara Maxwell $2,555.00
IBM Twisted Blisters Rebecca Pacey Rebecca Pacey, Christine Baghdassarian, Eric Johnson, Chet Watmough $2,410.00
Team CGI Holly McQuay Holly McQuay, Donny Groulx, Christian Gosselin, Trevor Schiavone $2,050.00
Peas and Carrots Paul Kachan Paul Kachan, Michael Bonet $2,000.00
The Neal Estate Team Nathan Barker Nathan Barker, Ryan Fach, Marie-Claire Janke, Sean Thomas $1,410.00
Techguys Aaron Butters Aaron Butters, Rosemarie Thomason, Kelly Bales, Dan Bales $1,270.00
Lamar Transit Advertising Adam Somers Adam Somers, Aislynn Hilts, Darren Peck, Mark Plant $1,200.00
The Legend & The Legacy Mark Kowal Mark Kowal, Maya Kowal $1,150.00
Grigio Girls Shayna Gendron Shayna Gendron, Jillian O'Neil $1,080.00
Smooth Snailing Barbara Dorrington Barbara Dorrington, Sarah Dorrington $1,016.00

Event Location

Victoria Conference Centre, Douglas Street, Victoria, BC, Canada

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