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For participating in The UrbaCity Challenge 2018

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Total raised
$885.00 Goal: $500.00

My Story…

I know many people have suffered the loss of a loved one to prostrate cancer. In the case of my family we lost "Uncle Leon" A tough but gentle old school farmer in Northern BC who played a significant role in my childrens' lives when they were younger. I still see the impact of some of those lessons in them to this day.


Recent donors

Sep 23 Sheldon Mattson - rig 529 $25.00
Sep 22 Jerzie Gilbert $100.00
Sep 22 Paul Boutilier $50.00
Sep 22 Travis Turko $50.00
Sep 22 Mike Madison - Arc Resources $20.00
Sep 22 Lorne Myers - New Discovery $100.00
Sep 22 Derek Giesbrecht $100.00
Sep 22 Clay Jordan - PD Rig 542 $20.00
Sep 22 Steven Savard - PD Rig 542 $20.00
Sep 22 Allen Goodman - Sagelink $15.00