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Walk a Mile In Her Shoes®

Rise to the Occasion

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Name Leader Members Raised
THE WONDER BOYS Gerry Fraser Gerry Fraser, Kevin George, Rob Henderson $4,885.00
Peaceful Men in Pumps Kevin Seyler Kevin Seyler, Melvin Collins, Dave Widdifield $945.00
Team Terence Kernaghan, LNC MPP Terence Kernaghan Terence Kernaghan, Paul Cheng, Rod Culham, Jamie Edwards, Shane Clarke, Ari Vangeest $815.00
Stepping Up Iris Merino Iris Merino, Sandra Newton, Christine Sheriff, William Newton $670.00
#LdnOnt Lincoln McCardle Lincoln McCardle, Sean Meyer, Jesse Helmer, John Fyfe-Millar $635.00
Men of MLHU Christopher Mackie Christopher Mackie, Jordan Banninga $625.00
Our family Theresa Lapensee Theresa Lapensee $430.00
Double Dipped Diply Doers Baten Abbas Baten Abbas, Rozin Abbas $410.00
O'Brien 4 Ward 1 Bob Stoyles Bob Stoyles, Austin Silva, Keith Mathyssen, Hadleigh McAlister, William Poulter, Paul Pighin, Stephen Yardy $220.00
ASAP Logistics & Landscaping Wayne Devine Wayne Devine, Calvin Boyd $178.45

Event Location

Victoria Park, Clarence Street, London, ON, Canada

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