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Name Leader Members Raised Action
Running Grecio Join team Natalie Strouth Natalie Strouth, Barbara Mehlenbacher, Karen Robb, Pam Runtas, Nadia Hunter, Karen Thompson $25.00
Ben’s ‘n Friends Join team Chris Wignall Chris Wignall, Ben Wignall $0.00
Team Lola Lee Join team Rosemary Valencia Rosemary Valencia, Jay Valencia, Jaycelyn Valencia, Jayven Valencia, John-Paul Espejo, Manuel Espejo, Emmanuel Espejo, Connor Espejo, Maria Vassilakis, Pantelis Vassilakis, Emmanuel Vassilakis, Angeliki Vassilakis $0.00
Tiger Sandwiches Join team Craig Jarchow Craig Jarchow, Justitia Pak $0.00

Event Location

81 Macklin Street North, Hamilton, ON, Canada

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