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Name Location Sub-event
Aaron Scott Lethbridge, CA 6K
Aaron Chubb Lethbridge, CA 6K
Abigayle Sinke Coalhurst, CA 6K
Adam Perrett Lethbridge, CA 10K
Adria Snowdon Lethbridge, CA 10K
Aiden DeLeeuw Picture Butte, CA 6K
Al Desjardins Lethbridge, CA 6K
Alana Young Medicine Hat, CA 10K
Alex Harding Lethbridge, CA 10K
Alex Proulx Lethbridge, CA 10K
Ali Koganow Lethbridge, CA 6K
Alicia Nibourg Lethbridge, CA 6K
Alicia Owens Magrath, CA 6K
Alicia Tinney Mountain View, CA 6K
Allyson Deis Dunmore, CA 10K
Amanda Bennett Lethbridge, CA 6K
Amber Darroch Lethbridge, CA 6K
Anita Jensen Barnwell, CA 6K
Anne Marie Williams Whitecourt, CA 10K
Annette Mellish Lethbridge, CA 6K
Ashley Shurtz Raymond, CA 10K
Astrid Larsson Lethbridge, CA 10K
Bailey Kado raymond, CA 6K
Barb Ceron Lethbridge, CA 6K
Barb Giocoli Saskatoon, CA 6K

Event Location

Lethbridge, AB, Canada

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