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My Story…

Hey Everyone!
My name is Charlie-Anne Cox and I am in grade 4, I love video games and My Little Pony, and I have SMA Type 1. I am rolling 21K to CURE SMA! Please sponsor me! Thank YOU!


SMA is the number 1 genetic killer of children under the age of 2. SMA is like ALS in children. Children lose the ability to walk, eat, swallow, and breathe on their own. They often pass away from complications due to the common cold.

Charlie-Anne was given 3 months to live at 6 months of age and is turning TEN June 22nd, the day before the race! She is celebrating by rolling 21k ! to raise funds to cure SMA!

Join us and help us raise funds to celebrate this miraculous milestone and help others living with this devastating diagnosis! Prizes for top fundraisers!

Recent donors

Donation date Donor name Donation amount
Jun 22 Aeryon Ashlie $20.00
Jun 20 Terri Rempel $50.00
Jun 20 Leona Robinson Happy Birthday Charlie! It has been wonderful year having you in school this year with Alivia. $100.00
Jun 20 Christina Doling Happy 10th Birthday Charlie! $25.00
Jun 19 Monica Watts $100.00
Jun 19 Sarah Parker Love you guys! Go Charlie!!!❤️ $50.00
Jun 18 Erika $40.00
Jun 18 Ashton The Dog Roll Charlie Roll! $100.00
Jun 12 Sheena Finnigab I wish so badly I could afford to give more. I love you guys and all you do ❤️ $25.00
Jun 12 Sarah Ruddle Happy birthday, Charlie! You amaze me, kid! $100.00